Google Cloud – Developer’s Sneak Peek

As per Gartner, the Internet search and ad giant has entered top 3 cloud provider.

If you are already familiar with any cloud provider like Azure or AWS. You will find yourself at home Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is hosted on the same infrastructure used by Google Search and YouTube.

The fundamentals of PaaS, IaaS, Compute, Storage, Networking and Security will help you to quickly digest the google cloud platform specifics. However, refer to google differentiators, as it claims.

Probably, the good news for beginners is that “Google Cloud Platform Free Tier” is relatively relaxed compare to other cloud provider, IMO. Question on it visit here.

Although, Google started late. But, it seems to have strong IaaS and PaaS capabilities. Many of its cloud services are extended capabilities of existing services. Interesting observations is, to improve developer productivity, GCP offers App Engine Flexible Environment (Managed ‘Virtual Machine’) that operates between IaaS and PaaS. The App Engine flexible environment is based on Google Compute Engine and automatically scales your app up and down while balancing the load.

Another significant aspect is GCP’s significant contribution to ‘Open Source’. Few examples –

  • Kubernetes – System for automating deployment, operations, & scaling of containerized apps.
  • Spanner – Scalable, multi-version, globally-distributed, & synchronously-replicated database.
  • Hadoop MapReduce – It will let users run native C/C++ code in their Hadoop environments.
  • Dataflow – Ability to handle batch/stream processing of large data sets.

The way I see, from uber perspective google has divided the cloud offerings into –

1) Consumer oriented and 2) Developer oriented

For beginners, especially if you are coming from application architecture/design/development background the navigation path for google cloud could be – more details.